Effective Chrome & Interesting function of Chrome

functions about Chrome

open the fallow link in Chrome browser address bar,will List of Chrome URLs



one of the Chrome URLs is flags which set Special visual effects. Close unnecessary item can improve performance of Chrome .

disable unused extensions

when user use Chrome,maybe often be advised install some extensions which actually not used usually. When Chrome open tab slowly, check the extensions with the follow url, and remove the useless ones.



The Chrome cache is to make web pages and content appear faster, but if you keep too much , it will have an opposite effect. open follow url:


search [clear browser cache] ,then choose 'downloads history' , 'images and files' ,and click 'clear data' button.

install effective extions

Open too many pages will cause computer over load, Chrome became slowly.Some extensions are specifically designed to change this problem. For example, OneTab can turn all tabs into links and collect them in one page. This will release 95% of the RAM used at once. If you want to reopen the page, just click the link.

oneTab official site

ps: the extension can install to firefox too.

At the end, the note has not graceful tecnical, just for written english practice.


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